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Mechanical Ram

Mechanical Ram

The mechanical ram can be used for many routine extrication tasks that can be done with a ram, including displacing steering column and dash, lifting objects or otherwise making space. This optional tool adds great utility to any Genesis 11c, 13c 14c, E11c, or E14c combi-tool.

Genesis’ mechanical ram attaches easily on scene by attaching the ram to the pulling tips with two speed pins, and packs easily in your compartment. The mechanical ram adds great versatility to a stand-alone combi-cutter system, and can give tools such as a Genesis E-Force 14c combi-tool almost 30” of spread with ramming operations.


Mechanical Ram – 12” closed
When used w/ 11c: 26” open
When used w/ 13c: 28 ¼” open
When used w/ 14c: 29 ½” open

Mechanical Ram Mechanical Ram

Mechanical Ram being used to displace steering column and dash.

Mechanical Ram

Mechanical ram (in conjunction with box crib) being used to lift a crushed roof of a mini-van.