Pike Pole vs. Ventilation Fan blades (when operating)!

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This is a cool video! I knew it was not dangerous with the Ventry product because they use wood wrapped by fiberglass. But the video is worth a thousand words… While a ventilation fan is at full operation speed, someone sticks a pike pole through the shroud and into the arc of the fan blades…destroying the blades, but due to the design nobody gets hurt. Check it out!

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  1. Joan says:

    Looks great, Scott! Thanks for sharing this. Please let me know if you hear any feedback from customers. James showed the video to our fire department when we first did it and they all had blank stares and said, “why did you do that?” They use VENTRY Fans. They’ve never had to worry about safety, nor had an issue. So the video hopes to get people asking the question, “how safe is my fan?” BEFORE it’s an issue.

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