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Boot Paste for Leather Firefighting Boots

Thursday, May 28th, 2015

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STC has introduced an excellent boot paste that is formulated for use in leather firefighting boots. This is a nice addition for those of use that like to use a boot paste to help keep our boots in good condition, here is one with a chemical design to allow it to be used with all leather firefighting boots. Let us know if questions.

Boot Paste

Extrication Training: Dash Lift

Monday, August 18th, 2014

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Genesis factory rep Anthony Fleming does a conventional “Dash Lift” with the new Genesis S53-XL spreader.

The Genesis S53-XL is the lightest weight, NFPA compliant 32″ spreader. Also has really good power and some really cool features… Has studs embedded in tips to assist with grip, even stronger gold tips (same material as NXTgen blades), etc.

Argus Introduces Mi-TIC

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

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Argus recently introduced their new Mi-TIC, a Mini Thermal Imaging Camera. It looks similar to a 90-degree flashlight and can mount to the chest of your turnout coat.


This thermal imager fills the demand for a “personal” size thermal imager, but one that has a larger & clearer screen, and a higher resolution sensor than other small TICs currently available. This is a Light Weight thermal imaging camera, weighing only 1 lb, 10 ounces including the standard battery pack.

Camera Standard Features:

  • 160×120 Sensor (optional High Res 320×240 sensor)
  • Larger 2.7” Digital LCD Screen
  • Spot Temperature Readout (aka Direct Temperature Management)
  • 3 Sensor Gain Modes (for larger temperature range -40° F to 1472° F)

Optional Camera Features:

  • Full Color Screen (including Fire Mode and Overhaul/Search Mode)
  • Image Capture (ability to record pictures)
  • Video Capture (ability to record video)
  • Digital Zoom

Camera Standard Accessories:

  • Lithium Phosphate Battery Pack
  • Truck / Desktop Mount/Charger (both 120V AC and 12V DC Capable)
  • Retractable Lanyard
  • USB Connection Cord for PC


Datasheet: Draft Mi-TIC Datasheet-RT-27-6


New Honeywell Evolution Fire Helmet

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

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Honeywell is introducing two new Evolution model fire helmet models, one traditional and one modern style. The Evolution’s EZ Touch eye/face protection system stores to the inside of the helmet for quicker deployment and better protection from damage. 


Evolution fire helmets use special composite materials which help make them ligher in weight than most other fire helmets, and are NFPA 1971 compliant. Standard configuration includes a top-grain leather handband and ratchet cover…and an adjustable leather headband, with comfort mesh net lining.

Genesis Introduces New E-FORCE Battery / Hydraulic Rescue Tools

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

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Genesis Rescue Systems recently introduced the new E-FORCE series of battery / hydraulic rescue tools.  This revision to their Freedom Series of battery powered rescue tools includes product performance upgrades, along with new models. Genesis has offered battery powered rescue tools for almost 20 years, longer and with more experience than any other rescue tool manufacturer.

The E-FORCE offering includes two combi-tool models (both with optional mechanical ram), along with two large cutter models, a 24″ spreader, and a ram. Pictures are illustrated below (and are not necessarily “to scale”).  The Genesis design results in an effective, and comparatively very compact design.


The mechanical ram for the combination spreader / cutter allows the mechanical ram to open over 29″, in the case of the E-FORCE E-14c combi-tool. See pictures of Mechanical Ram in Action: 


Genesis’ E-FORCE series uses a non-proprietary Milwaukie 28 volt lithium-ion battery to power their system. This allows the customer access to lower cost mass market battery replacements when needed, rather than having to purchase expensive proprietary batteries like other suppliers. This dramatically lowers Genesis E-FORCE cost of ownership.


For current Genesis E-Force options, check out the E-Force section of our website:

PRODUCT REVIEW: Genesis “Single Line Coaxial” Hydraulic Hose

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

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Genesis Rescue Systems has introduced a new “Single Line Coaxial” hydraulic hose. As with the other “Single Line” rescue tool hose on the market, it is a hose within a hose; it hides the pressure line inside the return line, and gets high marks for being “cool”.

The single line hose is less than half the weight of regular twin-line hydraulic hose and everyone loves working with it! It is easier to clean, and a lot of people like the way that coaxial hydraulic hose deploys.

The flow diagram below shows how the hydraulic fluid from the pressure line travels down the inside hose (in red) toward the tool. The return line hydraulic fluid (in yellow) travels back to the pump through the outer chamber of the hose.

The below picture shows the seamless installation of a Genesis OSC (One Step Coaxial) male coupler on the Genesis “Single Line Coaxial” hydraulic hose, along with the new style OSC dust cap.


Inside diameter of the pressure line in the Genesis “Single Line Coaxial” hose is 5mm (compared to 4mm on the competing product), which will help the Genesis pump flow more hydraulic fluid. It is the same principal as 1 3/4″ attack line fire hose flowing significantly more water than 1 1/2″. For reference, Genesis’ regular “twin line” hydraulic hose has a diameter of approximately 6 1/2 mm, so is even better…

Maximum operating pressure of Genesis’ outer / return line hose is 510 psi (compared to 363 psi on the competing product), with a 4:1 safety factor. Based upon this data, the Genesis “Single Line Coaxial” hydraulic hose product “should” be a noticeable improvement over the competing product…especially since Genesis’ hose comes with the more durable and non-proprietary OSC coupler.

Rescue personnel willing to overlook the service issues on coaxial hydraulic hoses and wanting the “coolest”, lightest, and easiest to work with rescue tool hose will love the new Genesis “Single Line Coaxial” hydraulic hose!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Genesis MTC – Mass Transit Cutter

Monday, October 4th, 2010

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I was able to personally use the new Genesis MTC (Mass Transit Cutter) in August of 2010. As the tool’s name indicates, it was developed especially for use when cutting on mass transit vehicles (trains, etc.)…but as you can see by the enclosed pictures, the tool solves needs encountered in every day extrication.

MTC working on a car. Note the "successive cut" abilities...


The tool cuts out large a segment of material larger over 3/4″ wide, and this allows the unique cutter blade to be reinserted for multiple successive cuts.  This cutter allows the rescuer to make cuts in manners not available with other equipment in the rescue cache, which should help to save time. After use, I see the Genesis MTC cutter as a very helpful tool which will be added to many departments’ Heavy Rescue units.

For more info on the Genesis MTC, review the Genesis Cutters page of our website:

Genesis MTC - Cutting a Gap Over 3/4" Wide - Allows Successive Cutting!